El Rio Verde - Mexican restaurant in Tulsa

      The atmosphere and food were great.  Excellent service.  The el pastor tacos were my favorite part of my meal.

    thumb Marchelle J.

      I didn't like this food at all, its tex mex at its lowest. Taco bueno taste better than this crap and they got nasty food. Ordered the taco salad and had to double check where i was eating. Will not ever go back. If you wan good mexican food google caleveras.

    thumb Maurice R.

      Love this place. I have lunch here regularly. If you want real traditional Mexican food, this is the place to go.

    thumb Julie S.

      There isn't another Mexican restaurant in Tulsa like Rio Verde.  This place seems like it's been pulled out of South San Antonio and teleported to Tulsa.  The mysterious cosmic forces sent it to a spot in North Tulsa between a big field, some houses and a funeral home, seemingly by accident.  In a crazy twist of fate, those same cosmic forces were actually so all knowing that they put it in a spot that by 2022 will be Tulsa's most up and coming neighborhood (bank on it).

    Now that I have the SyFy™ portion of this review done, let's get into why this place is so great.  First up, the food is fantastic.  They have a lot of authentic dishes that are great, but also their chimichangas are straight up amazing. Maybe chimichangas are authentic but let's be honest, taking a burrito and frying it sounds pretty American. If I'm not mistaken, taking foreign food and frying it was one of the primary tenets of Manifest Destiny.

    My favorite thing to get is a veggie burrito wet.  That's a HUGE burrito, stuffed with veggies and then they smother it in enchilada sauce.  It's delicious and I can pretend it is healthy because, you know, veggies.  Their veggies are serious too, I mean the spinach in the spinach enchiladas is fresh spinach.  

    Here are a few random tidbits that are helpful: for us serious vegetarians, the beans are vegan.  That's right, no pork fat here.  Alcohol is limited, mostly bottled beers.  They may have sangria, I'm not sure.  On the non-alcoholic side, they have Horchata.   Delicious, creamy Horchata. You should try it.  The service is great, the servers work communally so there are tons of people out to help.  

    The patrons are super diverse, which I love.  If you only go places where everyone looks like you, you're not doing life right.  A good first step: come to El Rio Verde and get a wet burrito.

    thumb Chris F.

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